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Introducing the White Narrow Tweedy Scarf. Handwoven from a harmonious blend of alpaca, cashmere, silk, and merino wool, this scarf embodies softness and comfort, making it your go-to choice for those brisk days.


The tweed-inspired woven pattern not only lends an elegant textural dimension but also infuses depth into your ensemble. The slender profile of this scarf ensures versatility in styling and with its generous length, you can easily wrap it twice, making it an ideal layering accessory.


Elevate any outfit with this handmade luxury scarf, this scarf is a unique creation—only one exists, making it an exclusive addition to your wardrobe.


Designer colour name: White

Material: 11% Cashmere, 29% Alpaca, 3% Silk & 57% Merino Wool

Size: 178cm x 15cm / 70” x 6”

Care Instructions: Hand wash cold, lay flat dry.

Softness: 1

Drape: Excellent

Made in: United Kingdom. All products are one of a kind, once sold it's gone.

Narrow Tweedy Scarf - White

SKU: H2023.W01
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