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Handwoven large poncho with fringe. Made with alpaca, silk & cashmere, this medium weight poncho drapes with ease. Can be worn either direction, excellent for a spring or summer evening. Taupe and blues on a light grey and charcoal backdrop.


Designer color name: Blues

Material: 50% Alpaca, 45% Cashmere, 3% Silk & 2% Merino.

Size: 95cm x 85cm / 37.5"w x 33.5"h, neck opening is 33cm/13" measured flat.

Care Instructions: Hand wash cold, lay flat dry

Softness: 3

Drape: Excellent

Made in: United Kingdom. All products are one of a kind, once sold it's gone.

The Signature Poncho - Blues

SKU: H2023.001
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