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The ancient craft of weaving blended with modern sustainable sensibility.

Hillary Bonner

Welcome to Hillary's Threads, where handwoven luxury neckwear meets the perfect   blend of artistry, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Founded by Hillary Bonner, a         dedicated weaver with a passion for natural fibres, colour, and intricate patterns, our brand embodies the essence of creative expression and environmental responsibility.


The Artistry of Weaving

Weaving for Ms. Bonner is more than just a craft—it's an artistic journey that

harmoniously combines natural fibres, vibrant colours, and mesmerising patterns. This

intricate process is not only a technical skill involving planning and mathematics but   also a joyful and evolving experience for Hillary.


A Legacy of Expertise

Hillary Bonner's weaving journey began under the guidance of Jochen Ditterich, a       seasoned weaver with a love for the craft and decades of experience. Mr. Ditterich,

who initiated his craft in Europe and later brought his skills to the USA, played a

pivotal role in shaping Hillary's understanding of the art of weaving. 


Handwoven Luxury in England

Currently based in England, Hillary Bonner meticulously crafts unique accessories using floor looms. Each piece is a testament to her commitment to ensuring that no two items are alike. Through variations in colour, fibre, and pattern, Hillary creates bespoke neckwear that reflects the true essence of individuality and style.


A Commitment to Sustainability

At Hillary's Threads, we are not only dedicated to creating exquisite handwoven pieces but also to embracing environmental responsibility. Hillary is focused on sustainably producing luxury neckwear using excess materials supplied by European luxury brand mills. This endeavour underscores the commitment to creativity and sustainable practices.


Thank you for visiting Hillary's Threads. We invite you to explore our collection of handwoven luxury neckwear and join us in celebrating the harmony of craftsmanship, creativity, and conscientiousness. Enjoy the unique beauty that comes from the hands of Hillary Bonner.

Handwoven Scarf
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