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The ancient craft of weaving blended with modern sensibility.

Weaving for Ms. Bonner is an artistic combination of natural fiber, color & pattern. These elements set within the technical skills of planning, mathematics, and the act of weaving itself is a creative, joyful and evolving journey for Hillary.

Hillary Bonner, owner and weaver of Hillary’s Threads, started her journey learning from a weaver of many decades of experience. Her teacher, Jochen Ditterich, began his weaving journey in europe as a young man before bringing his craft to the USA where Mr. Ditterich's love of weaving is preserved as a large segment of his life.

Currently located in England, Ms. Bonner creates unique accessories by hand on floor looms. With color, fiber and pattern variations, Ms. Bonner ensures no two pieces are the same. Thank you for visiting and please enjoy the shop.

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